Monday, February 18, 2008

I was camping @ Pune Barcamp4 on 16th Feb

It’s always been a great experience to be at Barcamp.

PuneBarCamp4 was at ThoughtWorks.

I landed up at 11.15am & got my self registered.

The sessions were in full swing. I attended Ajax session which was presented by Atul and Sumit. When they were taking questions from the audiences I went ahead asking them if they could tell some drawbacks or limitations of AJAX. Some of my misconceptions were cleared when Tarun , Atul and Sumit tried answering my question.

Followed by which I attended a session on Why Ruby presented by Sidu.

He got us introduced to Ruby as:

  • A very simple & easy programming language
  • Strongly & dynamically typed language
  • In Ruby every thing is an Object – Classes too
  • JRuby for Java Developers & IRuby for Dot Net Developers are more stable compared to Ruby.
  • InBuild classes can be reopened.

No doubt Ruby makes life of the programmers easy but at the end let’s not forget that will have to compromise on the Garbage collection & Platform dependence.

After having a wonderful lunch I walked in for a Demo on Webaroo2 by Kiran Thakkar.

Will soon come up with a post on Webaroo2

When Tarun was shooting he asked me about my experience of being at barcamp I said

“I really enjoy being here as we get to meet & interact with like minded people about whats new & hot in the IT World. It is far better then a class room teaching as it has no code of conduct or rules to be followed. Less of theory & more practical overview about tools & technologies.

For those who couldn’t make it up for puneBarcamp4 –


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Tarun Chandel said...

Hey Bhavya

It was pleasure to meet you in Barcamp Pune 4. Why don't you add that video in this post as well?