Friday, September 26, 2008

My First Visit to Chhatrapati Sports City at Balewadi

Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports City at Balewadi where the Youth Commonwealth Games will be held, is under massive construction. Balewadi stadium is a very impressive complex for CYG Pune 2008 and is one of the finest facilities I have seen. Looking at the kind of work going on, CYG is doing its best to make the stadium better and it will be on time and ready for the people.

Entry to the stadium in restricted only to the authorized persons: Athletes, Staff, Volunteers, media and other games participants.

The plan to provide WiFi connectivity in CYG, was an innovative idea and challenging too. An added advantage for sports plus internet lovers.

The entire 9 sports venue has WIFI facility available.
In all the entire stadium has 9 sports venues:
1. Athletic
2. Badminton
3. Swimming
4. Shooting
5. Wrestling
6. Boxing
7. Tennis
8. Table Tennis
9. Weightlifting

Among all the above venues I loved Badminton venue. It is so well facilitated that World Badminton Championships can also be carried out.

Each Venue in all has the following facilities:
> Broad casting live from Doordarshan: Cameras are all set by the media which will be covering all the actions live.
> Result printing room: From where the results will be calculated, displayed, announced and printed too.

The roads constructions and gardening are all in full swing. I also liked the idea of having a artificial lake set up.
Will be uploading the images soon॥


Tarun Chandel said...

Hey Bhavya now that you are into it, how about a Bloggers meet at the games? May be a special place for bloggers where they can catch the action live and do some live blogging and at the same time have our cool meet??? Don't say you will try, arrange for it!

Bhavya said...

Tarun: Yes Boss...i will arrange it.

How about sending your brain for a vacation, they are full of such creative ideas (blogger's meet in a Sports Stadium) :-)

In all this i will need your help too as i am doing it for the first time.

Anonymous said...

WIFI? thats cool.

Bhavya said...

Thejesh: WIFI sounds really good, but to tell you the fact it involves lots of network and security aspects.

Currently CYG is facing big issues with it. Spectators are not really happy about WIFI feature provided :(

Anonymous said...

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