Monday, September 22, 2008

My First day as Technical Document Writer @ Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG)

Ask me how it feels being a part of 3rd Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG), the first ever to be in Asia

I reported at 11.00 am at CYG office which is at Senapati Bapat Road.

The office looks awesome having all the banners up on the walls. Before you catch the lift on the ground floor you will find CYG goodies with I love Pune 08 logos.

The goodies include T-Shirts, bags, pendrives, bands, sweatshirt, stickers, track pants and many more। Trust me they are good and worth purchasing, like the once I purchased “PenDrive of 2 GB worth 600 Rs.

I meet a person who is sweeter then sugar – ‘Sonali” an employee working in the Technical Team of CYG. She took me to Rohit’s Cabin where the entire technical team group sits.

I started of reading Concept of operations for functional areas Technology, which introduced me towards the Operations and Functions of technology team in CYG. I used too always say that technology is a part of each and every one but looking at the scope of technology role in CYG I was stunned.

The next document which I started reading gave me an idea of the procedure of inviting, submitting and selecting the biddings from various vendors for different products.

After reading those documents, I realized that behind every event there so much of efforts and planning that’s put in, which we don’t even realize or think when we are watching these events live.

It was a celebration time, the staff along with Chairman of CYG Mr.Suresh Kalmadi were singing Happy birthday song for once of there employees.

The cake and the lunch were good.

I found the work culture of CGY very different of that, what I find in any IT companies from where I come. It has employees of all age group in casuals and are very approachable.

Back to my desk, and started surfing on net.

In the mean while I saw every one under tremendous pressure as the countdown for the games havs begun but still enjoying there work as the D-Day is very close by.

At the end of the day Rohit stepped in with a bit of depressed face from Balawadi as he was not very much happy with the kind of progress done on the site.

He is the technical Director at CYG with who I will be working। The entire team was interacting, I couldn’t understand but just could feel that its very complicated, and there is lots to be done and less time & manpower to work it out.

I have to report tomorrow at 10.00am and probably will be visiting Balawadi to understand the technical process that's carried out. I am all set and geared up for this new job.

Will be for sure keep posting about my job and happenings at CYG।


@nkur said...


well, congrats to be a part or attend the CYG.. as you have written that reflects you enjoyed very much..

Bhavya said...

Ankur: Thanks.
I am having a great time there.

Chiranjeevi said...

Hey Congrats,

r u manging it on week ends ???
anyway nice to hear that your are part of excitement!!!
grab max out of it.

Bhavya said...

Yes i manage it during my Weekends....
its fun.
It not about grabbing but more of giving and supporting in a small way to this big event.

Anonymous said...

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