Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogathon Day 1: Infrastructure - How can we improve the traffic condition in our city?

Let’s take a complete U-turn to make a difference

So called Oxford of East “Pune” for all the good reasons fail to impress common man when ever the talk is about traffic.

Pune’s traffic has gone to the dogs. Total chaos. ………

No one follows the rules as everyone makes their own.


Who is to be blamed?

Pop this question to anyone and the answer could be anything from the traffic cops, to suicidal rickshaw drivers, to the youth who zip around showing off to their girlfriends.

"I realized that to come out of this vicious circle of the 'blame game', not someone, but infact all of us as citizens need to take the initiative."

But the question is who will start and how will the image of pune’s traffic change in the coming time

The Answer is - let’s try out the 10 magical tips to improve our city’s traffic

  1. Public Transport: Use public transport and avoid using private vehicle. Travel together if the destination and time is the same.
  2. Improve the public transport: To attract common man towards public transport have an effective transportation plan. Get good buses, make separate lanes for buses and make it easy for people to buy bus tickets, build peripheral walkways.
  3. Bus Stops to be moved away: We have bus stops after every 1 Km. as a result the bus stops at every stop and adds on to traffic
  4. Alternate way of punish for Traffic Violators: Instead of taking fine from them punish them in a different manner. Like asking them to manage the traffic for 20 min or educating people about the traffic rules
  5. Subways / Skyways : Bring up more no of Subways or Skyways on the roads which face heavy traffic every time
  6. Driver must follow strict traffic rules: Major reasons for traffic are when few people do not follow rules for some reasons and others have to face the consequences. Lets us all keep in mind when ever we are breaking rules, that this is going to be at the cost of someone’s life.
  7. Sign Boards: To be added and improved at all places in the city.
  8. Alternate Roads / route: Provide sign boards to tell alternate way to reach different destinations and divert traffic during rush hours. Lay roads especially on alternate routes to distribute the traffic.
  9. Attitude: Build in a right attitude while driving - avoid driving fast, competing and attending calls.
  10. Accidence: Instead of surrounding around the accident place and jamming up the traffic try to help other to move ahead and free up the place.


I post this in response to a topic provided by Blogathon India. Its an event where Bloggers discuss their ideas and raise their issues and concerns over certain aspects by posting articles on certain topics provided by organizers of the event।


Guruvardhan J said...

Hmm....Nice article....was searching for a friends article by the same heading when i stumbled upon this... well i m a bangalorean and i feel there is no much big difference in the traffic condition of bangalore and your magical tips may also create magic on bangalore roads...

GIRISH said...

Good to see someone caring abt her city.
Yes I agree with your suggestions....
their should be more public transport available to the commuters.Pollution levels are increasing n needs to be checked.
Traffic police should be more attentive.

Else it this city wld soon turn into another Del / Mumbai soon.

Bhavya said...

Thanks for the appreciation :)
Bangalore being my native place i too agree with you that traffic condition is the same as off in pune.

I believe if we all follow some of the magical tips traffic condition are for sure going to improve.

People like you can surely make a difference in the current traffic scenarios in pune.
And serious - it will be my last day in pune if it some how turns out to be like Mumbai :(

guruvardhan said...

ya.....true....hey and nice profile...hehe...really nice way to put it across.....

Bhavya said...

Guruvardhan: Thanks :)