Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 things to do before the year ends 2011

This is how my the list looked and in glimpse my experience

  1. Switch off the lights for a min at office floor – This was like bribing the facilities guys. They were sweet to do this for me, but till date they give me that look which makes me say opps

  1. Hug a stranger – Wishes & desires do come true. U never know when God is listening to you. My one such desire came true. For the lifetime I shall remember that touch & words “Take Care Sweetheart”

  1. Offer service at Gurdwara – Spending that half a day offering services at Langer gave so much of pleasure & happiness that I decided to do this often in year 2012

  1. Random call to some number & wish them Happy New year – This was the best of all. The call linked to a college going girl. Luckily she turned out to be friendly & as I wished her I could sense here excitement. When I asked her what’s here wish for this year, she said I want to be blessed with true Love…and I just smiled.

  1. Taste beer – Hmm this was something I wanted to do, to know why people are so crazy about boozing. Trust me I only wonder now why the hell people drink bear when its taste so bad and had all lot of bad health side effects

  1. Visit Gurdwara, Temple & church all in one day – God is everywhere..u just need to feel him.

  1. Candlelit bath – Sorry no details (Censored u see )

  1. Stay up all night long and see the sun rise – This is an experience in all. Gonna witness more of sunrise in the year 2012

  1. Midnight walk on the beach – Had a lovely New Year Celebration at Goa. Lucky enough to have this walk before the year ended…and what a walk it was

  1. Visit Bangalore’s shady area – What all sort of life’s people live…but I always believe the choice is always in our hands.

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Sandy said...

Hi Bhavya,

I like this post, some of your posts are real awesome!!! Keep writing. Wish you all the best :)