Sunday, January 29, 2012

Death to living….

Today my parents closely escaped themselves from a drastic car accident. These are few of the worlds that my parents shared with me:

Felt what it is like being so close to death. Today just as we returned back to life, we now value it more. Living a materialistic life & trying to build a so called image in society is not what it is. It’s what goodness you leave back before you go for ever. Live to the fullest, love madly, do all that you want to without fear. Don’t fear death; fear the guilt you would have of not doing all that you dreamt when you take your last breath. Death is a fact which you can never change, but what you can change is the way you look at life & your living.

I remembers my professor & later my mentor from my X-Company always saying to me, “You live as if there is no tomorrow”. I lost this kind of me somewhere, but yes, after all that my dad & mom said to me today, sure I will get myself back to living as I used to.

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