Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcoming Failures

So how do you handle failures? – Saying it was unfair decision, thinking low of yourself, taking a call of never competing or getting depressed & fighting with your loved ones.

Well, try looking at it in different ways:

- There is always gonna be someone better than you, so just keep competing with yourself

- Someone has to win & someone has to lose, it’s not the matter of luck, it’s about how smartly you play the game

- Your past, background etc really doesn’t matter, what matters is what you want to create for yourself in future

- Don’t compare or get Jealous, the race is long

- Evaluate your failure, look at your drawbacks, learn from those mistakes & fix it next time

- Being present for the given time is curtail

- Let failures never take over you, but the learning should

Don't ever give up
Don't ever break up
Gather the power to fight back
Gather the power to win

Why feel low

Why feel bad

Why feel hurt

Why feel the ends

Life is never the same
It's just a long game
A game that keeps changing
A game that keeps rearranging
A wheel that keeps spinning
From darkness to light

There will be light cause life isn't always bitter
You are unique and best in your own way

Keep the belief alive

Don't ever give up
Don't ever break up
Remember no goal is too far

Keep dreaming

Keep those dreams alive,

Don’t let them die

Noo don’t give up,

No, no, no, no don’t give up

Ohh, no, no, no, no don’t ….give…up


Kuladeep said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.. :)

jassi said...

really nice and inspiring :))

MohanKumar said...

These are known things but people need inspiration often from external source. This post is a great booster to gear-up. Thanks :)

falcon said...

>> There will be light cause life isn't always bitter

Loved it!! Coz sometime this little hope is the only reason u r even trying

Rest.. Have heard too much of rest of stuff... so I am probably the worst person to appreciate it..

Anyway.. Nice to find u still blogging..came to ur blog after ages...

And May I add that After a long time ur posts have started to interest me once more..

Will try to be regular...