Monday, December 3, 2007

Experience at Marathon


I tried it after Marathon run,

I tried it in the evening,

I tried it before my Dinner, I tried it on the dinning table,

I tried it on the bed, I tried it while I was driving to office……………

but failed to get the inaugural line for this post which will best explain my experience at Marathon.

5.30am - Got Up (thanks to my dad who waked me up).

6.30am - Got ready for Marathon with out having Breakfast which was substituted by a cup of Milk & Glucose biscuits.

Dad & Mom were much tensed as it was my first Marathon. They were departing me, the way a parent departs their child when he/she is going to school for the first time.

6.40am - After convincing my parents that I will be fine and wont take up any extra stress or injury, finally I left my home

7.10am - Reached Khanduji Baba Chowk Deccan (Staring point of marathon)

The Atmosphere was very different - saw the camera & the stage for the celebrities all set, participants with the Marathon TShirt , NCC Cadets well placed to organize things, manage the mob & police men’s there for security.

7.20am - Went to the Counter Collected Cap & Chest Number

7.35am - Joined the Charity Run.

7.40am - The inaugural session started.

The marathon was flagged off by Sunil Gavaskar.

Felicitation of all the Celebrities - Bollywood actress Aarti Chabbaria, Vidya Malvade and Sagarika Ghatge & actor Salman Khan, Suresh Kalmadi & Mayor of Pune .

8.15am - Salman Khan Flag off the AIDS charity run. I was in the first batch and got the opportunity to closely witness these celebrities waving their hands & supporting us.

8.45am - Reached Nehru Stadium (The Finishing point)

I was satisfied with my performance as I could finish 4.5 km in 30min.

Saw lots of participation from IT companies in and around Pune in Groups.

10.00am - Reached home

I had a great time running with 30000 athletes & people on the road watching us & appreciating & encouraging us.

Marathon is not over for me……………it will go on.

I aim to participate in the next marathon for Women’s 10 Km Run.I understand that Its not that easy but neither is it going to be impossible, as I am going to continue my practice & maintain a healthy diet.

What made me happier is that listening to my experience Mom & Dad have decided to join me in the next marathon.

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bhushan said...

well well.... that was gr8.....bhavya i am so proud of you my dear...i really am proud that u have been my collegue ....

lalita said...
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lalita said...

keep it up my dear,
All the best for the next marathon. I would like to see you next year participating in the 10Km. womens marathon.


Tarun Chandel said...

great going Bhavya. Another feather in your cap :)

My Voice said...

@Bhushan : Thanks! I too enjoyed working with you & how could I forget the time when you went out of your way to help me.

@Lalita : I need your blessings.
I am practicing hard for the 10K Marathon.

@Tarun : Thanks...Hope to see you at Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

Vishal said...

that was the great experience.. i told you that day i was in pune only. actually that morning only i landed here first time in my life.. and i really want to participate if i get a chance.
hope you will be planning to for next year marathon. don't worry will catch you next year.

Bhavya said...

@Vishal : It happens ........we have many unknown people around us. And finally we land up meeting them. I believe that its the almighty who decised who will meet whom where & when.
Any ways i am looking forward to see u in the next marathon.
hope you are enjoying Pune......