Monday, November 26, 2007

2nd Dec 2007 A Challenging Day for me.

That’s a day when I will be running…………. I mean, I will be participating in

Pune’s 22nd International Marathon

Thanks to Sujata & Milind for inspiring me towards this.

Every Marathon the seen used to be like, I getting up at 9.00 am ( as it is on Sunday ) sitting in front of TV and watching people running and listening to some celebrity talk of - why running is good for health etc……And some awareness about AIDS.

But now as I have decide to participate for 22nd Pune International Marathon ( Run Against AIDS ) my preparations are in full swing:

  • Purchased the forms
  • Got it filled
  • Started running for 1 hour every morning
  • Following some healthy diet

Some thing which I need to do:

  • Purchase a new sports shoes
  • Running for 2 hrs daily
  • Get the Vodafone T Shirt .
  • Give this surprising news to my friends

Marathon brings with itself lots of excitement. Makes us aware about our health & diet. It make me believe that “Health is wealth”.

I am very excited about it – this is going to be a new experience for me. Running along with lots of people for a single cause.

Will get back ……..with a post about Marathon experiences.

Come Join me…………….at Marathon……………………

Forms are available at


bhavana said...

Hey it is really so exciting.
I wished if i could join u ,
but i know it requires lots of preparation & for now i am busy preparing for my exams.
I hope u have very good experience & do share it (whether good or bad ) so that it will help me next time when i will be there (hopefully).

Wish u luck & do compete with those negros


Tarun Chandel said...

Hey Bhavya

This sounds really awesome. Wish I would have come to know of this marathon lil earlier... I would have surely prepared for this ...but may be next time. Wishing you good luck and make sure you post about it.

My Voice said...

@Bhavana : Hope to see you at the next Marathon. For now concentrate on your exams. All the Best Dear!!!

@Tarun : Thanks for your Good Wishes.
The next post speaks about my Marathon Experience.