Saturday, October 29, 2011

and they all lived happily ever after

Well its late midnight here enjoying moonlight, my sleep seems to be a bit unhappy with me so I decided to hug my blog & write down my thoughts on a sentence which read “and they all lived happily ever after…

I really don’t know who created this sentence…but yes, it’s my favorite line

As a kid I read this in many story books & it used to appear in most of the movies at the end.

But now that I am seeing the world around, this line just seems so unrealistic

Is it because of this, many of us believe that we do not need to work anymore as soon as we find the Mr./Ms. Right.

Is it because of this, so we believe that once we are married, nothing shall go wrong?

Once we are married, it will be IT? ( Happy ever after?)

If people do live happy ever after, then shall we just forget about all other emotion that come with us in one package?

If we do not know how to cry and how to be sad, then how do we learn to be happy? Will Happiness mean anything once sadness has been forgotten?

If I see around, people don’t just live happy ever after once they are married. They are working their marriage in order to learn their happiness.

The authors & movie directors craft a nice story & leave people with an optimistic view that life gets more beautiful when people from two different planet get together to live life together.

So, does it mean they don’t live happily ever after when they get married?

Well, No. They so live happily together if they work it together. But that doesn’t guarantee they will be happy all the time. They may fight, or they may disagree…but if they are both willing to work it out, they usually will come to a happy solution to it.

So how do you work it?

I cannot answer, but I guess that’s why we were born to find out.

Is that why most of us expecting everything should be “RIGHT” once we find the Mr./Ms. Right?

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