Monday, October 31, 2011

What was it in going blind ?

First sight it was

felt different

safe and just so perfect.

knew it was all a planned game

closer as it could get

happier than ever

walking on a path with no sure destination

enjoying all that was coming

it was not the matter of anything less than a heart

touching & feeling it, realized its pureness

fine with all that was coming

fights, irritation, jealously, smiles, tears, completeness

and lots something which is still nameless

hard was it to accept all that was felt

so closed eyes tight to go blind

yes, self-cheated, but still happy

lied & pretended to what it was not

proved all wrong

running away and blaming all was the only safe option

far far away still not from those memories

please set me free, forgive me, unlearn me

move on…

set me free...

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