Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Imagination world where customer is the king

*Please note all the names given below are artificial as we now take a dip into the imagination world J

Lolob Laptop gives me an option to compose my laptop look & feel. WOW, so here I decide what would be the screen size, ask for a keypad that I am most comfortable with choose where my charging & USB points should be and color & style of my preference.

As I am working on what I would wear for my cousins wedding, I get my outfit but instead of I hunting at 20 diff stores to find the matching pair of shoes, Bollywoody Shoes makes me to upload my outfit picture & it delivers shoes of my size, preferred heals inch with matching color & beadwork all in sync with my outfit.

Its early morning & I am as usual getting late to my office, but I have put cloths to wash. As at home we don’t wear watch, standing in front of the machine I mostly keep estimating what the actual time it would be. So Timi Timi Washing Machine provides me an embedded clock & a radio so that I am with time & instead of listening to the noise enjoy Rafi’s songs.

Friends are very important in life, the worst part is that they remember how many times you forgot wishing them on their birthdays, so to save me from this embarrassment my color changing dialer FriendlyBee watch gives me an alert to wish my friends at 12.00 & surprise them.

House is everyone’s dream, a place where they live with their loved ones in happiness. So DreamBuilder gives me a house with the bedroom from where I can view the moon every night & sunrise which greets me early morning in all the rooms as I walk in. A home placed on the 27th floor which rotates as and when I wish.

My mom’s the best cook on this earth, well I think all mom’s are J She dictates the recipe on phone & I write it down on a paper which I would obviously loose. Presenting KquickMic Microwave which gives me a embedded notepad to take notes of all the recipes taught to me by my mom & aunts & pull it out anytime from the database when I wish to cook it again for my guest.

Everyone’s buying a car these days & in a city like Bangalore parking problem is just getting major. Most of the time finding a place to park & later spending minutes in figuring out where you actually parked gets painful. SheCar will be so smart enough that it will take care of finding parking spot & will come driving to you as you start looking out for it.

In this online word I still believe a physical Greeting card means a lot. When my dad gets angry over me Say It greeting cards helps me design a musical card with lovely cover pic of me & my dad pretending to be angry & as he opens, it plays “ayo mere papa ko gussa jab aata hai

Smartphone is supposed to be smart, when I am missing someone badly, ChupChup phone sends “Miss u” message. When I am trying to avoid my boss & he is trying to reach me, it should get into busy mode. With the kind of features these days the phones come out, be assured that the battery can’t retain for more than 20 hrs, so this ChupChup phone will chupke se as I sit over it will convert the body heat to power & recharge the phone ;)

Why is it that I should watch Simi garewal’s TV show “Most desirable” on Sunday 9pm when AirWatch operator gives me an option to watch any TV serial at any time based on my mood.

Nothing like cooking for your love. What if you are not the world’s best chef Nightingale Restaurant will create the ambiance based on your selected theme. Also with the assistance & guidance of world class expert chefs I would cook the entire dinner from my own hands & server it. How special that would be…

Well I am stepping out of this dream world & coming to reality. Sad to realize that when I (crazy) customer asks for some of these products or services, it’s just laugh out. It’s time that Manufactures & Service providers wake up & actually treat customers as King. My only request is design & build a product/service that fit peoples lifestyle & leaves a scope for customization.

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