Monday, August 29, 2011

A letter to my best friend

You and me. We wanted to live our lives in a tree. We played ‘aiming the ball inside the basket, hiding ourselves from professors while bunking classes, joined swimming classes just to enjoy the open shower (with our swimsuits on!). We walked every evening discussing what we’ll be, where we’ll be and who we’ll be with. We loved udhari ka vada pav with ketchup & green chillies. We named the trees. We scribbled Arabic bad words on the walls of our college. We love Bishop’s & singing at sunday mass. We love Pune. We lived together for 5 days in the mountains. I enjoyed getting wet in the rain and you hated to see me sneezing. You loved wine & I loved its color. You were my bodyguard & I was your lucky charm saving from dad & mom's scolding. We ate Bournvita powder late in the night. We loved Titanic and sang “Every night in my dreams....” during pyjama parties. I was like of your first love and you let it go. You supported my act of pretending to be a conceiving lady to run away from the cops. You desired to have a daughter like me & I wished a boy who would pamper me more than you. We rocked the dance floor and slapped may boys. We enjoyed spending our weekends with those cute looking orphan kids. Daydreaming of how we would seduce our love by wearing orange bikini saree while walking on the beach. My test car drive & you sitting next to me saying your final thanks giving to Lord. Pulling Bahadur uncles mustache, plucking roses from your neighbors garden & screaming out our favorite DJ’s name at the DJ war….gosh we have done it all. I have lived many lives in this time and enjoyed all that I never dreamt.

Yes, even if you are away from me…. you are in my every smile as I enjoy the rain
… you are in my every tear when I miss you in the dance floor
… no more credit cards can buy me the taste of our udhari ka vada pav

I hate new people loving you. You love new people loving me.
Jaannn Thank you for these memories.


P Murlidhar said...

One of the best letter to best friend I hv ever read...

This was hilarious :)
"...You supported my act of pretending to be a conceiving lady to run away from the cops...."
lol!!! was it in Pune ?!?

Opal Chaudhary said...

Very very very touching post.. I loved it. Keep writing such great posts.

Bhavya said...

@Murli: Glad u found it interesting. Yes, to run away from Mamuu's I acted like a conceiving lady.
Dude I still cant forget that day...after which I used this trick to get quick in queues & a best way to rescue from some kind of risk/danger. I must say I am really good at it ;)

Bhavya said...

@Opal: Glad u liked it...its motivating :)

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