Thursday, August 18, 2011

Your handwriting is your mirror... know yourself

I was always told that I don’t know how to judge people… I have this hobby of blindly trusting people and believe me it has never harmed. 2 years back my friend pulled me to Graphology learning workshop.

60+ aged cute looking and totally in love couple hosted the workshop.

Graphology was their PhD topic & were in India to spread awareness about this science. First day we were asked to submit our sample full paged handwriting. During the introduction round I said, “I wish to learn as I want to judge & know people I am dealing with”. On this my teacher told “Dear, u first need to know yourself & let that be the focus for your learning”.
He analyzed my handwriting and it was 95% true. After each class I was getting to know myself better & that was so satisfying. This workshop not only certified me as a “Graphologist” but did change my life at a crucial stage & I can say it is doing wonders for me.

Graphology is something that I have been interested in since then. Graphology simply means study of handwriting to reveal an individual’s personality.
> You can tell about a person’s nature, whether he or she is an extrovert or introvert,
> Whether the person is impulsive, artistic, materialistic,
> Is the person what he really appears to be or are there layers to his/her personality,
> Their strengths, weaknesses what they really are like
> Signature itself talks about you, parents, relationships, career, passion
> Yes, it can also predict future

Handwritings reveals SO much….I am so obsessed with it that I start off as soon as I look at hand written envelopes, receipts, medical prescriptions and even notes scribbled during a meeting –basically anything hand written and I can tell certain things about that person. Certain strokes correspond to different characteristics. A person’s handwriting is more or less consistent with the way he/she is as a person. If you are angry it will reflect in your handwriting. If you are sad, that too shows.

From my graphology experience I have seen people’s life getting more meaningful as soon as they work on their handwriting. Graphology is a science. Hand writing is a neuro-muscular function of your brain. Therefore every thought, and every emotion you feel reflects in your writing. Your brain is used to certain patterns which are pre programmed and it reflects in your writing. We are socially conditioned to be behave in an accepted way, which very often conceal our true nature. But our writing never lies. It is fascinating how much our writing reveals and Graphology continues to enthrall me.

so much so that a love letter becomes a sample in my term of Graphology


Sriram said...

Is it possible to know about a kid's nature? Because kids childhood is full of scribbling and consists many undetermined strokes. And, would you mind sharing your lesson experiences ?

Hussain said...

This is good, let me know if you come across such workshops again!


Thats sounds gr8
U shud Add google pluse icon bcoz like me many of ur readers wud like to like ur post...

Bhavya said...

@Sriram: Kid's when they write its not an handwriting... so we cant analyse them. Do u want me to share my learning ? or my so experience of graphology

Bhavya said...

@Hussain: No more workshop that I see...but yes u can join full fledged classes of basic & advanced graphology

Bhavya said...

@Rishabh: Thanks for the advice will do it for sure

Varun said...

From first-hand experience and reading from various sources I have come to the conclusion that graphology is a pseudoscience, much like astrology.

Instinctively I find it difficult to believe that a person's handwriting shows their "true" nature. On the other hand as a "science" graphology is not really backed up with theories or experiments, is it?

I leave you with a few links:

What do you think?

Bhavya said...

@Varun: With the kind of experience I have in graphology I can say that most of the time handwriting defines the persons nature. We can have a long debate...but I still think its a science

Anonymous said...

hey hi,

Iam doing my online certification in graphology . Can u please tell me about graphology employement oppourtunities in india? or likehow should i find jobs in graphology

Techology Beyond Horizon said...

Handwriting Analysis is the way to communicate yourself. I am also learning it and find very interesting traits about me. I want to know if it can be analyze for children as their handwriting changes frequently.