Saturday, November 26, 2011

What it is like being an Entrepreneur?

Well my admiration for Entrepreneurs is an open secret then how could I miss recording my meeting with the wonderful friend Sushrut Bidwai. A tall young gentleman, an entrepreneur from last 6 year by choice. For me he is a guide book for entrepreneurship.

If I have to rewind the video of our meeting, I would look like interviewing Sushrut. So here's the report of the interview:

Being an Entrepreneur gives you opportunity to:

- create products

- do things in your way

- create jobs

- take up many opportunities

- meet smart people

It needs guts to step out of your comfortable zone and face all the risk/challenges you as an entrepreneur would face each day

India’s social elements mainly corruption makes existence of start-ups more difficult

Explore small towns of India to kick off a startup not necessarily always Bangalore or pune

Meet and interact as many people as you can, there is so much knowledge around

Its not an idea but the passion & an intent is what keeps the Entrepreneur going

Glamorous part of being an Entrepreneur:

- Being titled as Entrepreneur

- Freedom to bring in change

- Knowing your limitations

- Inspiration to many

Non-Glamorous part of being an Entrepreneur:

- Risk & challenge in every corner

- Less of social & carefree life

What it needs to be an entrepreneur:

- Passion

- Extrovert

- Just do it attitude

And there is where our drinks got over. We departed and I was back with a thought & smile to stay for ever.

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Chirag said...

Nice post.
Entrepreneurship give you opportunity to explore and grow. Sky is the limit!

btw there seems to be some error in the link..