Friday, November 25, 2011


Here goes the things I am thankful for :

… a lovely matured younger sister.

… understanding & supportive parents always taking up my nonsense

… "miss u, love u , can’t smile without u, bored without u" message sending my no mad friends

… caring, admiring, inspiring, motivating colleagues

… my lucky home

… Linked, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, G+ connectors making me more than what I could be

boy genius standing for me

… challenging job

Landmark Education

… Endeavour believing my technical writing

….mentors & X-Bosses making me believe myself

… music enabling to relive my passion

… 250 worth earring named as TinTinee sparking like diamond

…“U r worth it “ messages on my office white board

… for all the smiles & pampering in return for a smile

…“Let’s run away & get married” project plan proposal

1 comment:

Bhavana Siddappa said...

I am also thankful for having a crazy, passionate, very different & unique sis cum good friend like u dee!! :D