Sunday, December 18, 2011

Face Yoga ?

Well, I finally decided to take out time & fulfill all the promises that I made. Here about what face yoga is all about & my experience so far:
Most of them hit the gym, do power yoga or play some kind of sports, just to keep their body toned and stay healthy. The question is what’s the exercise for our 52 face muscles? The answer is Face Yoga. I got myself trained on Face Yoga 3 years back by an expert face yoga certified friend Natasha. I enrolled only because the name “Face Yoga” sounded interesting to me at that time, but today I am a great believe of it, try practicing it often and very soon will start conducting face yoga workshops :)


What is face yoga?
= The human face is a hardworking part of the body and there are about 52 muscles found in the face. Yoga exercises for face is the maintenance routine for motivating muscles and keeping the skin in place. Not only are there about 52 muscles but also a dozen bones, arteries, blood vessels and veins that assists your face to do the work that it need to. Your face muscles absorb and accumulate most of your stress and tension. Unless you allow those muscles to relax, they will get hard and there will be a strained look. Tense muscles also limit the amount of blood flowing to your face and the nutrients it needs by constricting the arteries. Yoga exercises for face plays a key role in maintaining a healthy skin and preventing wrinkles.

How different is face yoga from any other yoga’s?
= The muscles of the face are no different from the muscles of the rest of the body. Just as yoga routines work the muscles in the body, the stretches and movements in The Yoga Face tighten and tone the face muscles-and combat wrinkles.

What are other names for face yoga?
= Faceworks, Facial Workout

What face issues does face yoga solve?
= Face yoga is an effective way of staying away from wrinkles, double chin, fat of the face, aging.

When is face yoga to be done in a day and for how long?
= The Yoga Face is a new and completely natural alternative that can do anytime and anywhere-and in just minutes. You can do it while bathing, cooking, watching TV, waiting for signal on road etc. Just do it when no one is around you :)

Are there any side effects of face yoga?
= The only side effect is if people around watch you while doing face yoga, they might find you weird and may laugh out loud looking at your expression.

What are the benefits of face yoga?
=These exercises for face can help reduce the tension, make you feel and look more relaxed. Increased oxygen, reduce stress, increased muscle tone, wrinkles onset lowered, reduced face fat and complexion improvement.

Where and how can I learn face yoga ?
= Check these videos
Or else mail me at to know about upcoming face yoga workshop.

Which all part of face does face yoga include?
= It include exercises for Forehead, Eyes, Chin, Cheeks, Mouth, neck that help to feel relax from stress, tense muscles and improve blood circulation.

What if I am not a yoga freak, can I still do it ?
= You don’t have to be a Yoga freak, just let loose with those facial expressions and afterwards, your face will thank you.

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What do you do in a face yoga class?
= Combination of traditional yoga postures along with face-specific exercises formulated to combat wrinkles through relaxation and tension reduction, and to tone the muscles as a preventive measure. To name few of the exercises:
Eye socket massage - for relieving tension and stress from areas around the eyes.
Cheek Squeezing - improve cheeks circulation by squeezing cheeks and grabbing bits of flesh
Relieving Tension in Forehead and Jaws - relieving tension in your forehead and jaws that could lead to headaches.

"Working out" with fun facial exercises such "Satchmo,"kiss," and the "Lion Face”. Trust me all these exercises would make you laugh a lot out loud and blow kisses to send love around the room.

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