Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don’t regret regrets?

“Things without all remedy should be without regrets; what’s done is done”.

Living a life free from regrets, always looking forward & getting strange to your past all sounds good, but that’s never going to be possible with humans.

So what are your regretting still ?
For not being true to yourself or to others, pretending to be nice in a relationship, missing your flight, leaving your previous job, lying, rejecting a date invite, cheating your dear friend, running away when someone needed you the most, playing with feelings, parents, tattoos, never expressing yourself, your school math scores or for taking our your frustration on the one who unconditionally loves you.
Well I have my own set of regrets & these filled my heart with pain, guilt & sorrow. This was the morning that I accidently bumped into this video of Kathryn Schulz: Don’t regret regret.

The only question I asked myself is “how long do I want to live hating myself, do I want to forgive for all that I did, said.” And then to find the answer I watched this video more than 10 times. It left me touched & with few messages which I found worth sharing with you all.

If you could change your past, do you think your life would have been better than today what it is ?
Friends we don’t have Ctrl + Z button in our life, accept your past as you can never change what you did or said. If your heart is full of pain, there would be no space for you to love people unconditionally. What will you get out of hating yourself; it’s just like a cancer which you implant in your body. It makes you weaker day by day.

Take any regret of your past and you will find saying to yourself: “Can this just vanish from my life”, “How inhuman I was”, “Can I kill myself”, “Why did I do it” and this is an infinite loop in which we live. The regrets you are living with are not as ugly as you think they are, so breakup the loop, move on, let go your fears, forgive yourself, explore yourself to vulnerabilities, risk, take up challenges & opportunities, accept failures & embracement’s if you have to… doesn’t this sound like living.

Make peace with regrets embrace it, in the ocean of regrets we all are together :) Laugh at them, sometime cry but never forget the lessons that these regrets brought in your life. The movie TinTin taught me that there are many around who would call you as failure, inhuman, unsuccessful, and capable of nothing; that’s not what you are. You are what you think you are. Live for your goals, dreams, do your best, feel pain when things go wrong.

The point is not to live life without regrets the point is not to hate yourself. Love all the imperfect things that you do & forgive yourself for all the mistakes & wrong decisions you took, as regrets doesn't remind us that we did it badly, it reminds us that we can do more better.
So go and discover yourself. Know what you want out of life, what you love, what makes you happy & what you want your story to look like. So as we create our story good luck to you all & myself :)

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