Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wardrobe styling & Image makeover workshop

A first impression is built by 55% look, 38% style, tone & body language & 7% what you say. Most of the time what we are and like is never depicted in our outfit. To avoid people misinterpreting you, we need to get our dressing & styling right. I participated in this workshop hosted by iReboot by Babita Jaishankar.

Color Analysis:

According to the color worn people make conclusions that you are conservative/introvert/extrovert, sophisticated, friendly, down to earth, business like. Skin tones are categorized as Cool tones or Warm Toned.

Cool Toned colors recommended – (Blue undertones) Rosy Pink, white, dark brown, true olive, ruddy-pinkish red.

Warm Toned colors recommended – (Yellow undertones) Golden, dark blue & green, ivory, NO black.

Body Style:

Body style is categorized in 4 types:

  1. Hourglass- Balanced hip and shoulder width, defined waist
  2. Triangle – Shoulders narrow than hips
  3. Inverted Triangle – Shoulders wider than hip
  4. Rectangle – Balanced hip & shoulder, no defined waist

After analyzing which body style you fit, select the outfit accordingly. Few tips:

Triangle: Outfit which adds volume to shoulders eg: Padding shoulders, puff sleeves, avoid sleeveless & tube tops, pocket less trousers, no frill skirts.

Inverted Triangle: Outfit which adds volume to hips eg: Frill Skirts, pocket trousers, pleated skirts, trousers, low waist trousers, anarkali kurtas.

Wardrobe basics:

Must have in Men’s wardrobe – Suite, Dress shirts (White & Blue), Trousers fit, Khakis, Statement watch, dark denim, cardigan/sweater, belt, shoes, ethnic wear, Polo’s & Tee’s

Must have in Women wardrobe – Skirt suite/Pant suit, formal trousers, Fitted jacket/Cardigan, Formal shirts & blouses, kurtis & chudidar, black dress & saree, watch, accessories, purse, closed shoes, dressy sandals, denim & tees


Before going to bed apply cleanser (to remove all makeup), apply toner and then moisture which has no SPF. Oil massage hands & legs and some Castor oil massage round the eyes. Morning avoid using bath soap on the face. Apply moisturizer which has 30% SPF with UVA & UVB projection.


Oil your hair once in a week. Add 1 spoon of Castor oil, 2 spoon of olive oil & 3 spoon of coconut oil. Warm it and then massage it. After an hour use shampoo for wash. Apply conditioner and serum after the wash. Hair wash is recommended twice in a week and not regularly.

Quick Notes:

- No pinks, orange and red outfit for Interviews

- A person who dares to dress out of the norm’s has a “I don’t care" attitude

- Thin and lean people fall in cool tone

- Red color indicated assertiveness & dominance, Blue (trust), Orange (no diet), brown (Negative)

- Shampoo with Conditioner is a big NO

- Night cream need not contain SPF

- Girls whose face is longer than compared to neck avoid closed neck outfits

- Darker lipstick makes u look aged

- Guys should read book “Style & the Man”

- Shorter people should avoid mix & match.

- Almond oil is recommended for face message

- Don’t step out without sunscreen

- Cosmetics brand suggested – Mac, Avon, Amway, l’orial, oriflamme

- Drink lots of water and intake fruits & vegetable & avoid cigars, alcohol. Include rock salt in your food

- Never use products having alcohol in their ingredients list

- While travelling to other countries, study about their dress & attire culture. Just because U care J

If you next meet me, don't expect me to be perfectly dressed. Don't believe all that's written about fashion go out try new stuff.... Its all about experiments & welcoming compliments & most of the time criticisms. Stay beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Castrol oil, hope you meant Castro oil

Bhavya said...

Just made the corrections...Thx.
Yes I meant Castor oil. But I have been using Castro oil.

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