Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why do most of the Hum Tum Stories end Unexpressed?

Tum and Hum met for the first time like strangers

Hum said something logical and Tum laughed out loud.

Hum kept wondering, while Tum realized that he has lost his most precious thing

Tum dreamt about Hum while Hum kept dreaming about how true love would be like.

Tum looked forward for one glimpse of Hum, while Hum kept running far from reality and hiding face from the world

Tum waited to hear “Hi” and a smile from Hum, while Hum was scared to look into anyone’s eyes.

Tum will dile Hum number, but would cut it before it rings

Tum bought roses but did not gather guts to offer Hum, so scattered its pedals on the steps Hum used to daily walk up at. Wishing that they get blessed by her feats.

Hum looks at the pedals and feels bad, carefully takes her steps so that none of the pedals get stamped by her.

Tum expresses his feeling in a mail, but instead of clicking on Send he saves it as Drafts

Tum will watch Hum from far and adored and respects here Indianess.

Hum carrying a bindi on her forehead wearing a salwar-kameez passes by Tum with eyes down lost in here own fantasy world.

Tum sitting opposite of the table that of Hum.

Hum smiles at all and every time Tum expected exclusively one for himself.

Tum rushes to the library to grab the same book he saw in Hum hands

Tum stood behind Hum when she’s purchasing pastries and buys the same pastry which was adjacent to the one she picked.

Tum bought a lavish car wishing to take one day Hum for a long ride

As Hum was getting wet in the rain, Tum steps out of his car and walks to share the same lucky rain drops with her.

All so silent but not in real….lots happening.

The world around Hum and Tum could witness all this but were speechless.

The day came where Hum and Tum story came to an end.

Tum organized a Farwell for Hum as he was happy to see Hum heading towards her dreams.

Love is not about expression, its all about feeling.

Its not that Hum didn’t felt Tum feelings, she knew it all….just that she could not overcome here fear of being loved.

She will always respect and treasure the Love and adoration she received.

Thank You!


Jaslene Bawa said...

Lovely Post
True.... and when u find the answer you will be in heaven :)

Sriram said...

Wow. Truly humbling. My own lesson learned log ago "Express your feelings".