Friday, December 3, 2010

Good Resources to start with Android development

These are the blogs, websites which helped me and is still helping me in my Android Learning Journey:

Official Google Android Site

Good Android Videos and learning from DroidCon

Android Development Tutorial - Froyo

Android People

Android Market

Android Stack Over Flow

Android Blogging and hard code programming

Android World class trainer

Oreilly Trainings

Android UI

Good Friends Good Android learning site

Android Open Source Projects

Code Android Singapore

Android Development Community

Useful site with information on getting started -

Developers blog

Android community with articles, forums, blogs, etc…

Android Walking City

Tricks on Android

Android Code & Apps

My life with Android

Android official blog

Android Developer Tutorials

Android OS News, downloads & Tutorials

Warrior Point

Android Blogger

Android Linux kernel posts

Android News

SQLLite DB in Android:

I am forced to blog this….joys of getting mails & tweets asking them to guide them through their android learning.

Hope you’ll find it useful… have fun with Android learning.


mutturaj said...

Really nice collection BV !!!!

vabz said...

Nice collection.. u should socially bookmark them using delicious or something..
If u already do.. plz provide the link.
Thanks anyway :)

Girish B said...

Wow! great! a one-stop-shop!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! congratulations for your work and ideas.

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ந.ர.செ. ராஜ்குமார் said...

very useful. thanks for sharing

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