Monday, November 29, 2010

Talk on Dual Display for Android

It was a privilege to be a speaker at MODS – Mobile Developer Summit 2010 and BAUG – Bangalore Android User Group.


Mobile Developer Summit hosted on Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore. It featured a convergence of thousands of developers, technologists and industry players from the mobile and web developer communities. Startups, investors, mobile carriers and device manufacturers benefited from better understanding the latest technologies that will define the mobile market of tomorrow.


Bangalore Android Meetup group is targeted especially towards Google Android Developers and people who are linked to Android in some or the other way. Aim of the group is to share Android specific knowledge and networking among the Android enthusiasts. They have monthly meetups to discuss & share anything related to Android.

My talk focused on addressing the following questions:

- What is Dual Display?

- Why Dual Drift is the next Generation?

- How android renders on Screen?

- Various solutions / design approaches for Dual Display

- What are the Technical challenges faced?

- What’s the role of Surface flinger, Window Manger?

- How best a dual display can be used in Application Development?

What got the delegates excited was when we shared the Full Dual display solution implemented in MWC 2010 by Teleca with collaboration with Texas Instruments.

Check out the Presentation:
Dual Display on Android
View more presentations from Bhavya Siddappa.

When taken a pool from the audience 70% of them said they will not like dual display on smartphone, but will like it in Dashboard, TV & eBook reader

Questions received from Delegates:

- When will google support Dual Display

- Which is the best design approach

- Has teleca contributed Dual Display solution towards open source

- When can we expect dual display ebook readers in the market

Feedback received from Delegates:

- Dual Display looks good for TV, Dashboard but a big no to Smart phones

- Smart phones with dual display will have issues in running existing android applications

- Today where we talk of reducing cost of android phone, dual display will actually work in reverse to the pricing structure.

- There are more challenges in the Dual Display, however the scope for innovation from application development is great.

Compliments received from Delegates:

Very energetic talk

Eye opener for me, as I being an application developer never though of it”.

I came all the way from Gujarat, to listen to your talk…indeed worth it”.

We wish you to do some android technical writing for our Magazine”.

I didn’t get an opportunity to blink my eyes for a while”.

Hall at MODS for my talk was houseful; I appreciate few delegates sitting on the steps and few standing throughout the talk. The best memorable part was when a gentleman close to my dad’s age come up to me saying

Hi, Thanks for the energetic talk, I am looking of getting into Android, would you bet on it for the coming few years”.

I said “Yes, you should totally and it’s a right time”.

I did my Job as an Evangelist, but why is that when I try telling my dad about my passion for Android, its just another platform for him or say its his enemy as android takes up lot of his daughter time :)


Sriram said...

That was really a good thought. Indeed, this thought doesn't suit the smart phones. Are you folks at 'Teleca' implementing any open source solution for Dual display?

BTW, presentation is good.

Jayanth Bharadwaj said...

wish there were multiple like buttons!! :) like^10

Anonymous said...

I love your writing. It's so fun!

Bhavya said...

@Sriram: Thanks for your views on DD and for the appreciation :)
We so far have not contributed DD towards open source, but will soon.

@Jayanth: Thanks ^1000

@Anonymous: Thanks...its motivating.

frank said...

Hi Bhavya,

I missed your talk but thanks alot for uploading your presentation.
I will be working on a similar kind of project soon and I think the ppt will give me a very good headstart.

Thanks alot!

Saurabh Gupta said...

Hi Bhavya,
I am not able to see the ppt as it is made private, can you please share it as l am presently trying to implement dual display and any inputs from you will be really useful