Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back with London’s million pounds worth learning

* Life is too short; so why spent it judging people, just accept them the way they are.

* The other way to worship God is by touching human’s heart with your kind words & do good if you can.

* Value time; not only of your but of others too.

* World is full of lovely people’s; meet how many you can. They all come with rich culture & learning’s of life, its worth sharing thoughts. Gets you a different perception towards life.

* Learn to forgive people; heart is a small place so why fill it with hate.

* Stay beautiful; take time to note down the compliments you receive. Whenever you feel low, revisit your diary, it pumps your heart with strength to go ahead and win the world

* Greet people a wonderful day and just smile around, what u give always come around you.

* Nothing is perfect; so why strive to be one or look for it.

* You never represent only yourself; you represent your family, company & country you belong to. So think twice before you say or do something. You have an opportunity to tell the world what Indians are.

* Respect an individual; not for what job he does or how much he earns. But respect him as he is a human and for his beautiful soul where God resides.

* It’s worthy to do small sacrifices for the people who live for you. Sacrifice is another word for love.

* You are proud of the rich Tradition and culture with which you are brought up with, but let them not block you from living life fully.

* Don’t be scared of looking beautiful, rocking the dance floor, asking questions, sounding intelligent and challenging the best, you never know you might be missing a million pounds worth opportunity which might just change your life forever.


Annkur said...

whoa, maate jald he in person aapse aur gyaan lenge. *:D*

Beautiful worlds Bhavya! Living life fully is the best one can achieve!

Kranthi Kiran said...

Great words Bhavya.. It's definitely useful..will post some on my wall :-)

Jeeva said...

:) :) :) :)