Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Me @ Coffee with Karan

People want dreams to come into reality,

But in reality I wished to be @ Coffee with Karan in one of my dreams and yesterday my wish came true.

If I could recollect the dream well, these are the questions Karan asked me and my answers for them:

1. What turns you on in a man?

> Sense of humar, intelligence & the way he treats kids

2. If you were not a Technology Evangelist what would you prefer being?

> Fashion Designer / VJ or a dessert Chef

3. Who’s your woman of substance?

> Sushmitha Sen & SudhaMurthi

4. What’s your aim in life?

> Be an entertaining wife & a gr8 mom of 5 kids

5. What’s your best feature?

> Eyelashes

6. Cheesy pick up line on you?

> "Can you prove me wrong that you don’t get dimple"

7. If you could go back and change one thing in your life what would it be?

> Slap a person whose position held in the society stopped me from doing so few years back.

8. One thing that people don’t know about you?

> I have a beauty spot on my right hand palm

9. Best rumors about you?

> I getting married thrice / Date only Google or Microsoft guys - thanks to my twitter followers

10. What’s your biggest fear?

> Fear of falling in love and being loved

Karan was just about to announce me as the winner of the "Coffee gift hamper", in the mean while my alarm ran and I was out of the dream :-(


divs said...

Good one Bhav..keep going..

Anand Phisarekar said...

Wow.! what a dream.! Hope it come true soon.

Ravish Mody said...

With the answers you gave... You deserve to get the Coffee gift hamper :)

Sriram said...

Wish your dream comes true :) All my best wishes

Bhavya said...

@Divs: Don't u think some answers are really not logical ;)

@Anand: Thanks! I hope so :)

@Ravish: I appreciate you thinking I really deserve the hamper :)

@Sriram: Ahem! Thanks for ur wishes :)