Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not so usual, but some pleasant, surprising and scary times in London…

Landed at Heathrow Airport, knew why I am here for, but not sure of what’s installed for me in the next 10 days in this beautiful city London.

Was supposed to get a pickup from the Hotel but due to a slight delay in the flight arrival, missed it. I believe in destiny and my almighty, thus I met an angel who helped me buy my tube ticket, assured that I catch the right tube and get down at the right station to reach my hotel. The journey with her was amazing and now we are friends for lifetime thanks to Facebook.

Being an Indian makes you eligible to get discounts in stores operated by Indians. Can’t give details on the stores name, add etc. but if my math is correct I earned around 126 pounds discount…experimented Advantage of being an Indian.

I was put-up at Covent Garden Travelodge Hotel. One of the amazing hotel I would recommend not because of the special privileges I got but it’s really worth a stay. They made me feel special:

- Gave me a double bed room on the 12th floor window facing the High Holborn street

- Served breakfast in my room

- Wake up call and allowing me to play loud music at night.

- Providing me with London’s bus, tube & street map for FREE & more help in understanding the map.

Special thanks to them for all the extended help and making me feel secure.

It was evening time & was kind of drizzling. Waiting for my friend next to Covent garden underground station. A man dressed up in an off-white blazer Mr. Z walks upto me and we had following conversation, which till today I am trying to interpret:

Mr Z: “Hi

Me: “Hi

Mr Z: “You are pretty

I was not sure, what to say. So as a formality I said “Thanks” by putting on an artificial smile.

Mr Z: “I am ….” I don’t remember what his name was

Just for the sake of formality I said “I am Bhavya

He offers his hand and again just for the sake of formality I offered my hand, and that was my big mistake.

He bows down, kissing my hand said “You are really pretty”.

I was very scared, and pulled my hand gently back.

Me: “I got to go.

Till today I don’t know what this meant and if I acted in a right manner or not.

It was early morning time, waiting for my bus to arrive. I saw a middle aged lady, weirdly dressed trying to cross the road from last 5 min. She somehow was scared of crossing the road. Don’t know why, I got a though of approaching her for help. She was busy gazing and trying to judge the right time to cross the road, I stood next to her and said “Excuse Me, can I help”.

As she heard this, she filled her eyes in anger and started screaming “Go away”. I was stunned and couldn’t move my legs. She started coming towards me in speed and I got scared, I ran and she started following me. She was screaming & was running behind me and at that time I was dam scared and decided to leave people alone irrespective if they are in trouble.

The best part in London is we not only meet friends but we meet friends of friends and be friends of friends. I made some of the best friends in London and learned a lot about how they see and live life fully.

Lovely time at friends hosted Holloween party. Met most of them for the first time, but the kind of love I received from them made me feel that we knew each other from ages. We always say of living the day as if it’s gonna be last day of our life, but I found them living this say in real.

That was the time where I wanted to rock on the dance floor, sing out loud, get over my shyness but my old memories kept coming over as I was missing my 3 best College friends.

- We used to fight with our parents to get approval to attend evening parties

- As we used to step on the dance floor, we assure some1 amongst us wins the best dancer price.

- Forget about drinks, they used to not allow me to drink cold drinks too and acted as body guards.

Still can’t forget the time when they bashed a guy who dedicated a song for me in one of the parties. I have no complaints then, nor so do I have any now. I remembered them every second throughout the party, wished that a miracle happens and god lands them next to me. It was too late IST to call them and cry out loud telling them how much I miss them.

But miracles do happen and specially with me as “I live to witness them”. There was a girl in the party who came to me and said “you look like one of my very good old friend, I miss her a lot, and can I hug you”. The miracle, she kissed and hugged me, with few tears in her eyes.

I enjoyed my travel by bus, Once a young gentleman sitting in front of my seat asked, “Are you from Asia ?

Me: “Yes, from India

Gentleman: “I am a photographer; I believe Asian girls are good looking

Me: “Yes, they are. Thanks!

Gentleman: “Can I click few of your pics for my collections

I was put in an awkward position, I wanted to help him, but as I am suffering from cameraphobia I had to decline. He just said “It’s a smart way of declining; I now agree Asian girls are smart too, bye”. I just realized from this episode that you are not alone, you represent your continent and it’s a very sensitive issue and I should I have managed it well. Hope his perception about Asian girls doesn’t change drastically with this act of mine.

Getting lost every evening my way back to my hotel after shopping, was a common this now…. Thanks to the lovely London crowd who used to help me find my way. But that evening was special, I bumped into an India small family for help. It was a guy with his parents who took the effort to drop me back to hotel safe. On our way, we spoke a lot and they made me so comfortable as if I was a part of their family. As we were about to say goodby to each other, Uncle asked me for my families contact number and I was dam surprised, don’t ask me why and I confess I gave a wrong contact no…. I am sure god will forgive me for this.

I believe that if you love someone deep and close your eyes, remember them…. miracles happen. One more miracle in my life. I was walking on the London riverside and got tired thought of resting for a while, mentally tired as I was missing my family & my grandma big time. I closed my eyes & wished that they were with me that time. When I opened my eyes, I saw a sweet looking lady almost of the age of my grandma sitting next to me. I couldn’t hold myself I started the conversation with her

Me: “Hi, may I know what’s the time

Granny: “You today’s youth don’t carry a watch, its all smart phone world

Me: Smiled, “Yes, it is….but a smart phone can’t get me my grandma physically next to me now”.

Granny: “You are missing here ?

Me: “Yes, she is just beautiful like you, I picked up a line to just start talking to you. I see here in you

Granny: “Lovely coincident, I m missing my granddaughter who should be of your age…currently in Australia."

We spoke for a while I enjoyed her kiss on my forehead, a blessing forever.

I am crazy about Facebook, Skype, enjoy products of Intel, Sony Eriscon, Blackberry, coca cola and using services of Google, O2, British Airways I felt privileged of getting an opportunity to interact to them, ask questions, exchange business cards and share the same table at the conferences. I will cherish my every minute spend with them.

Last day in London was not less then a big Bollywood drama scene.

I had checked in my bag and had 3 hand bags ready to fly back to my home land. As I was boarding my flight I suddenly felt that my shoulder are so light and that made me realize that I have misplaced my Laptop bag somewhere in the airport. I actually screamed loud, informed the cabin crew about this. I lost my head as it was not only my laptop, but I had my newly bought ipad, traveling, medical card and important office documents. I just couldn’t afford to loose the bag at any cost.

In a panic mood, warned the cabin guys that if I don’t get my bag I am not gonna board the flight. Kudos to the entire team, they worked out hard and got me my bag within 10 min, don’t ask me how they managed it. They were so kind that they delayed the flight by 5 min. It was a big drama, all my fault and poor all in the flight had to suffer. My next big unusual miracle I witnessed.

Finally I have to agree, when people call me lucky.


divs said...

It was nice to ready the post on the blog..the way it is presented amazing...Bhav

Anonymous said...

Wish you luck, luck girl !!

Kranthi Kiran said...

Wow Bhavis...U had awesome and thrilling time in London.. I enjoyed your blog.. Superb... I wish more miracles happen in your life..Good luck!!

Bhavya said...

@Divs: Thanks, I knew u will like it. BTW u know you are a part of this post, as I was missing you guys a lot at the time :(
Wish Dhana and Jaan read this.

@Anonymous: Thanks for the wishes :)

Bhavya said...

#Kranthi: Thanks for the kind words. Indeed I had a gr8 time in London...1 of my best days and I didn't wanted my blog to miss it.
Sure! Miracles happen in everyone's life, but most of them skip un-notices.
Good Luck!

Bhavana said...

Hey, nice writeup.I had heard all this from u, but was pleasant reading it...:D

Ankit said...

Nice reading exp.. :)

Bhavya said...

@Bhavana: I though u would get bored reading all this over again.

@Ankit: So the android guy finally on my blog :) Appreciate u taking out time to read this and liked it :)