Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wish list for 2011

Not many but few Wishes for New Year 2011

* Stopover 3 different lovely cities across the Globe.

* Celebrate Birthday on an island.

* Tag on my passion without failing once in a month

* Sponsor an orphon child

* Conduct atleast one face yoga workshop

* Minimun two blog post every month

* Find someone who knocks me off my feet

* Thanks Giving at Golden Temple

* Bake whats called the perfect Chocolate Cake

* More of tech talks and blogging

* Keep up the smile no matter how worst things get

* Stand on the cities tallest building, kiss the sky and sing my favorite song

* A day in a Jungle

* Play an Adventure sport

1 comment:

Pradeep Pati said...

Bhavya, lets go for a session of paintball!