Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 things I can't live without

Apple Milkshake : Almost addicted, can't kickstart my day without it

Internet : As it connects me to my family, friends, colleagues and my blog, twitter followers

Dessert : I don't have a sweet tooth but a sweet teeth

Job : It defines me, enriches my learning and adds to my knowledge

Laughter : The best medicine and gives me the push to go ahead and solve any problem

Blog : My best friend with whom I can share everything and it never complaints

Compliments : It keeps me going and motivating

Pay check : Money, money I don't need it, but we all can't live without it... True fact

Miracles : As I say "I live to witness miracles"

Music : I believe dance is the best form of exercise and stress reliever


Girish B said...

Money is needed for the gadgets :)

Anonymous said...

Time has really changed and Blog has replaced Books in our life :)

Jass said...

yes right.. you sure like sweets...unlike me.. :)