Saturday, April 27, 2013

How do you witness miracles?

Well I have been asked many times based on the title of my blog, “How do I witness miracles?”
So here I let out the secret, this post is not to motivate, inspire you but to empower you to see miracles that exists on this lovely planet.

We all live in our own comfort zone:
Job were you have settled for years having less challenges & risk
Letting the days pass by, relaxing & doing the same old routine stuff
Closed friends circle the same old talks & fun
Looking at the issues & problems around, helplessly just talking about it & living with it

Beyond the comfort zone lies the Miracles:
It’s the space where you are learning, experiencing new stuff
The space where problems are actually solved
The space where you will witness your dreams becoming reality
The space where you connect with yourself & are the ambassador for joy & success

In-between the comfort zone & miracles is the uninvited guest list:
The black circle is the uninvited guest list
Mr F: Fear which says “What if I fail ……”
Mr D: Doubt which says “Can I do it …
Dream snatchers: That aunty who would say “Why are you doing this…
Mr. Giving: The society rules which say “Think of other first…
The green carpet is where Miracles happen & are witnessed.

Witnessing Miracles:
Aware: Be aware of the above uninvited guest list so that you will not be surprised. When they come over learn the tack to send them back so they don’t appear any more in front of you.

Believe:  Believe harder & live for your dreams & for things that you wish to create

Faith: The almighty lord is always around; he is just like the wind. You got to spread your wings & take the leap of faith to fly. He will give you those small hints & when you are connect well with yourself you can see those & act smartly.  

Plan: Don’t plan for failure, plan for the success. Without a plan you can never execute or achieve your dreams.

Fight: Be a fighter, you will not be remembered for giving up or for succeeding. Those who fall, wake up again and still get back in the game are the game changers & are the people who create miracles for themselves & for others to witness.

Selfish: Sacrificing people land up being called fools in today’s society; first learn to receive 
enough than you can be a better giver. The only person you got to listen to is yourself and choose staying committed to your wants, desires & dreams over anything on this earth.

Yes! For me some miracles have just happened without me ever seeking it. I decided very early on just to accept life unconditionally. I never expected it to do anything especially for me, yet it seemed to accomplish far more than I had ever hoped.
Thus my journey towards witnessing miracles in on….

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sach said...

Well written.. Inspiring..