Saturday, April 13, 2013

Android Introduction at Jain University

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the MS - IT students from Jain University and get them introduced to Android during my talk today.
Below are the slides for my talk.

It was an interactive session where the students looked so excited & eager to get their hands dirty on Android Application Development. I faced lots of questions about Android security & some students were a bit upset about Android Fragmentations - Multiple devices & android versions.

All in all had an awesome time with the students & I couldn’t stop blushing when the HOD introduced be as a very young speaker stating, “She just looks like a college student when I see here sitting in the audience in the conference hall, but one coming with lots of experience & energy”.

With these many college visits for Android talks & workshop the only sense that I get is  academies getting so serious about Android so much so that they want to make Android as a Syllabus.  

So, great thanks for inviting me & for showing so much of love & respect.

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