Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pure as it gets

I went to the St Patrick’s Church today evening and while there I saw this elderly couple, they had to be in their 70s at the very least. But it wasn't their age, her one piece gown; his french beard, her fire engine red hair or even the fact that they had hands holding even while worshiping that had me in awe... but how beautiful and attentive they were to each other.

The love they share was so evident everyone took notice, yet I never saw them even glance at another soul in church, except each other.
Thinking about it now, several hours later, it made realize what they have is what everyone wants in life -love, loyalty & stability.

Lighting up faith @ St Patrick’s church.

After all, do we not all wish to have a life partner to love & cherish into our golden years; I know I do?

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