Saturday, April 30, 2011

Take away from - Mobile Apps Conclave 2011

Cellstrat was hosting the event which is a Market research, social media and digital company.
Pratapa, Vodafone Keynote:WAC was supposed to be big, we are making mistakes as we don’t think of users: but technology.
Apple gives WOW UX and Google’s interconnect and integrated help communication, all focused towards customers.
Don't sell technology sell experience to users.Users have no issues with privacy but it's about the control they have on their information.Life was simple when apple and blackberry were just fruits
Don't over engineering mobile app or try replacing it with traditional web app.
80% of Internet access in India will be from mobile in 2015
Future: Mobile Cloud computing + Mobile Web apps
eg: Mirror app is something which fits into our lifestyle

Panel- Mobile App go mainstream:App Market needs financial success.
Aircel is making money, but not developer’s
Developers face problem in reaching out to their consumers.
Consumer devices like mobile are very sensitive to UX
Questions like:- visibility of app
- marketing of app
- Indian vendors quote in dollars
- which platform should developers focus
- is mobile web a gr8 platform
- how to monitories the app -> premium, sponsorship, advertisement
- M-commerce future ?Service guys must wear content hat.
Focus on consumer and scale
User experience is primary, be creative and think how to market app from the day one
Mobile apps Indian startups are growing multinational. Lots of opportunities around and it’s worth taking a risk now.

Discussions around HTML5:- Native is going to go far ahead with the market competition thus web not being standardized will take some time to catch-up
- Key is to find the right hybrid.
- HTML5 is going to be the only choice of the developers, but the question is “when”
- Market forces will solve the problem of HTML5. It’s a gr8 platform which can't be ignored

Sridhar, inMobi “Mobile Apps and Web”:Due to market pressure we are forced to push our boundaries of creativity.
250M mobile Internet users from India
Unlearn the PC world to work in mobile space
Mobile Advertisements are great marketing tools
Mobile Advt are like mini app, going beyond text and banners
Mobile is not just a extension of PC web
Asians like advt in mobiles
Its marketer’s choice: web app advt or in-app advt

Sunny, Nuance: “Emerging Mobile Ecosystem”Cars are connected to whole lot of devices and is a big phone.
Connectivity is important let our kids not learn the word “buffering”
Collaboration of Telco + developer is needed
One time password regulation is a pain.
Amazon is pleased with the mobile payment revenue
Voice based social networking integration is futureIn all it was a great conference witnessing many entrepreneurs, visionaries and market researchers predicting the future of Mobile apps. Unfortunately the event did not touch upon the theme “The Mobile Web disruption”. Mobile future in undoubtedly great but it time to bring more innovation in the field of Mobile Web, mCommerce, accessibility for disabled people, enterprise.

Mobile has a long way to make this world - Paperless and PC less.


Vivek said...

You are really technically rocking.
Your parents must be so proud on you.........Android Phones are really cool.

Why r u not in the panel, would have loved to hear u :)

Vishal Singhal said...

Thanks for your great comments on the Mobile Apps Conclave. As to "Mobile Web Disruption" theme, the entire theme is "The Mobile Web Disruption - Life, Media and Business get Appified". Appified is the keyword here. Apps are the Mobile Web as of today. So App discussion is Mobile Web Discussion. Willing to listen to any further comments from you. Thank you again for your excellent feedback and positive comments.