Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mobile games going social

Mobile games going Social

Thanks to Silicon India for inviting me to talk at Gaming Conference India 2011.

My talk was categorized into 3 parts:

Started off with the market app statistics and prediction for mobile gaming. Listed down few of the mobile games developer’s challenges.

Then shared the mantra of how adding social element in mobile gaming apps can help overcome few of the challenges. Moved on by giving few of the social ingredients need to be included to make a great mobile social game.

Finally few words about the company I work for and few tips from our experiences being in this mobile industry for more than 10 years. What amazed me was audience getting excited after sharing Teleca’s E2E mobile gaming solution. As I promised on the stage here’s the link for the entire White paper.

My key message was “build apps which either saves time or kills time, and what could be best then the combination of social with gaming”

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Ramakant Dash said...

I had attended your presentation last saturday in siliconindia conference. It was very nice.