Friday, May 13, 2011

Google IO – Day 2 Keynote

Google IO second day was about the web and thus to Chrome and Chrome HTML5 OS.

Web GL: It brings graphics and animations in the browser display and accelerates all hardware. Impressive demos showcased: Thousands rendered sprites, 3d landscapes and even editors to create 3D content on the Web.
Best part of this technology - Angry Birds now on web for free in Chrome Webstore. Have fun, but don’t play in office!
Speech to text on the Web: Using only a single attribute, it is possible for speech to text in web applications. We shall soon see many text boxes on the Internet with Speech logo. It’s a big step towards web accessibility!

Payment API for Chrome Webstore: The new payment method for the webstore will be easier for users and developers. Easy shopping with "one click" in the webapp. For developers, it is only a single line of code (Java Script) and this payment method is also possible in webapps in-app Purchases. Developers have to share 5% of their sales to Google.

Chromebook: Chrome OS with perfect combination of Google's Cloud OS was the big new. Samsung and Acer will be launching Chromebook based on chrome OS having unbelievable boot up in 8 seconds, costing $499. Its impressive to see how many activities which were done with a native client will soon be available on the Web. Working the same way and can still be made available offline. Google has open API for Web application development with the opportunity to be so well integrated into the system.

Google IO this year was not about any new innovative products like Wave or Buzz, but many new features and enhancements of existing products. Let wait to watch where Android and Chrome OS fit well in.

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