Sunday, April 10, 2011

Windows Mobile 7 Meetup hosted by Mobile Monday Bangalore

Few notes from the meetup: -
- The next big thing is Mobile and Cloud Computing.
- WP7 UI design is inspired by US Metro design.
- WP7 wants consistent platform experience to users across devices
- Cloud enabled push notifications
- End user customization
- Development Tools: Visual Studio 2010, Sliverlight, XNA, Blend 4 for app designing
- Currently 12 k apps in WP7 store
- Has a sandbox framework and no IPC communication
- WP7 learned mistakes from other platforms and trying to fill in those gaps
- No internal DB support, use isolated storage data on phone or place it on cloud
- 3 Philosophy : Apps running on Xbox, Desktop & mobiles all stored on cloud
- Users can enable only 15 notifications for 3rd party apps
- Inbuild Bing maps and Bing search API exposed
- XNA and Sliverlight rendering engine is different
- OEMs will need to compliance to specific hardware requirements
- High level device driver programming is a part of software stack programmed and managed by Microsoft
- Market place validated the app and then issues a licensing to public the app on store
- In India the payment gateway for market place is not ready.
- Kinect gaming, 3D, NFC & more enterprise features in the upcoming version of WP7.

WP7 Overview Slideshare:

I would say that WP7 is a smartly controlled mobile platform and it’s totally committed to the consumers and want to give an unique experience by developing cool and innovative apps with the support of the developer community.


Akshay Thakur "परब्रह्म" said...

-Cloud Computing will be a good thing to watch.
-In Apps they are competing against App Store and Android Market. :)
-Bing will also be a good thing to watch.
Good Luck WP7. :)

Ranganath said...

i bet its gonna be same old Window's CE types with some fancy things..

Bhavya said...

@Akshay: Yes Mobile Cloud computing is gonna be big. App stores from OEMs, Operators, browsers is bring in more fragmentation :(
Hopefully Bing gets more better.

Bhavya said...

@Ranga: To be very frank I would say the flexibly and easy Android developers gets is amazing and this belief got more stronger when I saw WP7 programming ;)

Chintan said...

I really like the NOTE - "Minimum OEM Requirements" for assuring no degradation of user experience & re-testing on different OEM hardwares.. I see that as a challenge for Android.