Sunday, October 21, 2007

Moral of the Story - Chak De India

Me writing about a movie is a big surprise to people who know me

But the fact is yes, I am seriously gona right about Chak De India .I am not at all a File Savvy but it was my sister who insisted me to watch Chak De India as this movie is very close to her (she is a too a hockey Player).

After the end of the movie I had lots to say which I though of putting it on my blog

I really enjoyed the whole movie - the story was straightforward, characters full of personality, there was humor, defeat, victory and the game of hockey!

There are number of thing which I have learned for this Movie:

  • There is a Pride in Winning but which is possible only when we back it up with hard work & Sacrifice
  • If you have the talent, passion and commitment, you can make underdogs win
  • When you are working in a team - know the team members individual strengths and weaknesses
  • There is no alternate to hard work, not even smart work!
  • Have humility and always first think of the Nation
  • We have to identify our self as Indians first
  • Follow your heart! And never give up

Well I have not learnt or Known all this after watching Chak De ………………]

In fact we were taught all this by our Parents, School & College Teachers & our Gurus.



But then I realize that we are forgetting to implement all these lessons when we start dealing with peoples in Real life.

Its time for Human Beings to Wait and Think for a while and get an answer to this Question:-

Where are we leading too?


snehal said...

Hi Bhavya,

The article is really Good one.
The Moral of the story which I thinkis that ,
The story is about the dedication of making your dreams come true in the face of circumstances when the whole world seems to be turning its back on you.

banadi said...

hello mam,
well i must say that this is the movie which tells us that hard work never fails.
i am evoked after this article and would try my level best to implement these in my life.
thank you mam for evoking everbody by this Article.

My Voice said...

@Snehal : Thats so true. I really adore you for the fight that you gave when you were doing your project is such a big success today.

@Banadi : Thanks for the appreciation , Do well ........Success will be yours