Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Google Bug

There is no day where i haven't visit Google com.

It is the most trusted Site

When ever any one is in need of any information we tell him to go to Google.

The most popular Search engine

But For my surprise there is a bug which I found today when I looked out for

Some assertion example in java.

I landed up to the last page…………………….and to my surprise the last page was the 79th page which I predicted would be 1,40,000th page

Know how did I calculated 1,40,000th page???????????????

When I types out the search content it said that it has 1,400,000 results

Google displays 10 results in a page

So to display 1,400,000 results it must display ( 1,400,000/10 ) pages


If 79th is the last page then where are the remaining results.

I didn't get this funda

But I am help less ……………….I still have to depend on google even if it doesn't displays me the entire results.


Amruta said...

Google provides only the 1000 most relevant search results for a query, even though there are more than 1000 matches.
Google says about this restriction as:
1. We try to make your search experience so efficient that it's not necessary to scroll past the first ten listings".
2. We understand that some users would like to see more than 1000 results, but this is fairly rare, and it would heavily tax our system to provide these results for everyone".
But still I think google is the best.

Tarun Chandel said...

Hey this is good, never really occured to me and a good explanation in the comment.

neo said...

What Amruta has written is true. Its a simple common sense thing. How many days you have thought about your past. The same thing applies here and Google has this Relevance concept so it will display the most relevant result or to say more clearly the most relevant site or content will be displayed at top and based on how many users has visited that site. The result 1,140,xxx is nothing but you r keyword with the content lying in the Google server.

Hope i'm clear


Vishal said...

hi, its true but if you read the blog about google in my block where by mistaken they closed the account of 100's and after 5 hours they will open it again. this people lost all their mails which they supposed to get in those hours.. ?

"well its very rare with google.. but it happened..."