Saturday, October 13, 2007

Palm Craze

Well Changes are always good – I got this greatest opportunity to work on a project for palm computers. Before I come up with a new post where I will be noting down the requirements of my project lets take a preface about Palm Computers.

I can say many people don't know exactly what the Palm Craze is. They think of the first generation of handheld devices -- that old address book and schedule. They were tiny and expensive. Palm Craze is in full swing because the devices out there now will enable a person to have all of her addresses, appointments, email, word processing documents, spreadsheets, databases, and genealogy conclusions in something that will fit into a pocket.

They run on 2 basic operating system: Windows CE, Palm OS.
They are again 2 basic manufacturersThe Palm Pilots from Palm, the Visors from Handspring.
Palm presently makes three models: the III, V, and VII. Everyone I've met likes her own model the best, so there's something to say for them all. They come with varying amounts of memory.
IBM recently announced a hard drive holding a gigabyte that will fit into a palm. A gigabyte, contrary to anything you may have heard, is really big.
Sony will be making a Palm device soon,

Let's face it, people shouldn't get these things for the fun of it. They should offer some functionality that helps them do something better, cheaper, and faster. Life is a constant set of experiments to find better ways to deal with the same challenges, over and over. The Palm Craze is just a normal manifestation of several million people looking for a better way to keep track of things that they can't remember, and to connect with others.

Well so far I am not a Palm Craz…………..but I guess the day I start programming for WinMO I will one among them.
My First week in my new Office has made me realize that there’s lot to me learnt & done in life. Its only we who restrict our self. Every Day I am learning some thing new. Before I go to bed I just ask my self what I have learnt today – and it’s only when I get an answer I get a nice complete sleep.


Shiva said...


I am, perhaps too young to comment appropriately but all I can say is-
Very Well Done!! Never Stop Changing for the better. I see an immense potential in you to make it really really big!!

God Bless You!!!


Amruta said...

Nice article Bhavya.
But this is just the beginning and I think you or better we are going to learn a lot in this project.

bhavana said...

Interesting Project!!!

You are one of the rare persons who has got this wonderful opportunity to work with such a knowledge contained project.
Best of luck
Give your best and you would get best out of it.
For such project you should update urself not only with the technology but also see as to what u can give something new from ur side to make this project a success.
My wishes are always with u & ur team.


neo said...

"... there’s lot to me learnt & done in life. Its only we who restrict our self .."

Well said. Way to go.

My Voice said...

@Shiva : Thanks....The post is just an introduction to Palm .

@Amruta : Indeed this project has lots of excitement installed for all of us in the team.

@Bhavana: Thanks....Dear. I am committed to give my best to it.

@Neo : Thanks!