Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

Last Friday when I stepped out of my comfort zone, is when I truly feel like I am alive. ;)
Writing is an art. Storytelling is an art. I love to do both…As I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and share my Friday evening night out story… so here you go….

“We friends headed to Xtreme Sports Bar after office to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The club was screening ICC Champions match live and I was badly missing the music. Later we figured out that it’s a karaoke night and I for fun said I will sing.

Our groups “Kabira” got so excited that he went up to the DJ to submit my entry. Karaoke started and the first 2 performance were classy. After which I was so scared, that from with-in I decided not to make fool of myself & asked friends to withdraw my name. Just the next min my name was announced & I was hiding my face. All my friends badly wanted me to get on the floor and do something adventurous! Guess what … I did it.

My friends joined me on the stage, stood beside me & cheered me. I finally sang my favorite song “I just need you now”. I don’t remember the people who were taking my pictures, guys who were capturing my performance in the video, friends dancing around & enjoying themselves… all that I was conscious was about the lyrics & how my voice sounded. At the end I had that huge smile on my face, hear loud applause & see the happiness on my friend’s faces who felt so proud of me. “
That night will always be memorable for the experience & believe that you can enrich your life after stepping out of the comfort zone. With this I could say that tackling a new skill or taking an adventure that scares you a little helps you grow and makes you happier. Most of us have a desire to be comfortable and play it safe. Trying something new can seem scary and not worth the effort. Believe me you witness miracles when we step out of  your comfort zone.
When you step out of comfort zone to follow your dream, there will be mighty storms. But in time, they will subside. And it is then you will appreciate why they came in the first place -- they came to change your direction and move you closer to your goal.

Think back to the most meaningful, amazing moments of your life. When you examine them you will find that they had you stepping out of your comfort zone. Trying something new and unfamiliar brings extra excitement and emotion to life events.
Often, the things that are scariest bring the greatest rewards.
When you step outside your comfort zone, you give yourself a chance to grow, to learn, and to have fun. You get to see what it is like to be one of those carefree individuals who act first and ask questions later.

So, why not have fun for once in your life (and maybe continue doing so) by going out and attempting a crazy and adventurous activity. Step out of your comfort zone and you'll realize how many possibilities really are out there! Even if you fail it will make you stronger, and you will learn from that failure!

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