Monday, June 3, 2013

4G: Strengths & Challenges in India

These days there are a lot of talks & announcements from all the major operators about 4G.It’s too exciting as Fourth generation, or 4G technology offers mobile internet access at three times the speed of 3G.
4G offers:-
  • Higher bandwidth with a very quick access to the internet
  • Easily watch TV, streaming videos, albums, and also get access to social media, information, entertainment and online stores
  • Valuable Service: Multimedia games, HD videos, e-commerce, mHealth, mCommerce, mobile vault
  • Video conference
  • M2M (Machine to Machine)
4G Top challenges:-
  • Voice and SMS not supported on 4G
  • Uses USIM (Universal Subscriber Identification Module) which is different from current SIM since it is a 128 KB SIM thus needs a change in mobile number
  • Launched in only few citied of India eg: Blore, Pune, Koltata etc
  • Limited area coverage; 4G roaming    
  • Lack of connected devices; few 4G supporting handsets & datacards
I are very optimistic about the networking market in India in the coming years. We at Huawei are already seeing increased demand for networking products owing to the new trends in the Indian market. 

It will be very exciting to see the incredible changes that 4G can bring into India....I can’t wait to see!

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Sulakhe's said...

The upcoming technology 4G is expected to be more effective and as everybody is already upgraded and addicted to a 3G technology and using it for virtual video conference has become more easy method of communication. Hence there is more higher expectation on 4G Technology.