Friday, March 15, 2013

Women in Technology - DevFestW 2013

Women in Technology from Bhavya Siddappa

My slides for tomorrow’s DevFestW talk about Women in Technology as I plan to have a dialog about:
- Why we need more women in technology 
- What are the current challenges faced by women  
- Various roles women can play in Technology  
- Getting more women active in tech communities
- Lean forward messages
More women in technology would be good for technology and innovation, for the women who are currently there and for the world.  

See you’ll tomorrow to explore & witness how technology gets prettier, beautiful… glamorous, the way it was never seen before :)


Parimala Hariprasad said...

Hey Bhavya,

I was having a good laugh while you were challenging women out there to get onto tech. You made some really great points which I am sure made many women frown. It was worth making anyway.

I am so glad I met you.

Bhavya said...

Hey Parimala,
Thanks for the comment.
Glad that u liked my talk :)
My talk was not to challenge them or hurt talk was to inspire & convince them to embrace technology & not run away from it.
Hope to see u soon!

Shi said...

Hope we get to see more people who want women in tech fields. I guess society is still not that broad enough to accept a women who wants to be in tech field in spite of her personal bindings.

I am trying to get into tech field after a gap due to my personal situation but all my efforts till day are in vain only thing which keeps me going is my passion for coding and developement.

Bhavya your effort to drag women into tech field is really an inspiring intiative.