Monday, June 20, 2011

From a Girl to a Women

A feminist during her college days,

is career-minded and career oriented.

play the game of hide and seek with her suitor,

dare to stay happily unmarried all her life.

buy flowers for herself,

feel the wind on her face,

go camping, biking,

be shy, be bold,

trust men occasionally,

give that second chance to everyone,

be a romantic,

get emotionally hyped over nothing and cool down suddenly,

go on a diet, yet eat chocolates and ice creams,

love being a woman,

get high and stay high on life, love her man and her reflection,

learn to love herself,

kiss herself goodnight in the mirror,

break rules – lead the dances,

drive her man’s car,

manage his business, wear his clothes

yet know that he’s a man and she’s the woman,

get flattered,

wear latest fashion and wear fine diamonds

for no special reason,

lay down principles in her life,

go out for window shopping all alone,

know the way to her man’s heart,

never forget the girl within.

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