Thursday, June 23, 2011

A secrete pray during my Barcelona trip

My first visit to the most beautiful city & also first time at MWC(Mobile World congress), finally I thought it's time to blog about my memorable experiences.

Luckily this time I was accompanied by a lovely colleague & more of a friend. She is the most happily married women I have so far seen, carries an amazing sense of humor, a bad fortune teller & believes that I would meet my dream man in an airport.

At the Frankfurt airport we came across with a so called face-reader guy. These were his reading about my face, “ U r not married, we are going to meet on ### date at this same place, don’t take up the Barcelona street alone, someone will call out your name, be careful. Also you should stay away from alcohol”.
Flight to Barcelona was amazing & the view of the ocean was very pleasant & it was gearing my excitement. As we landed, realized that language is the biggest barrier here. Spanish people hardly talk English, what we could understand is just numbers.

My hotel reception guys were a bunch of jokers, very handsome, helpful indeed :) whenever I used to approach them, they all 3 used to give me a very funny & weird smile. Gosh guys are so difficult to understand.

Craze of tasting typical traditional veg-spanish food, made us ask for the bill before the food arrived as we didn’t wanted to fall short of money. Paid 54 Euros for 20% of stuff that I could digest.
Me & my friend got stuck in elevator with a crazy Spanish non-English speaker guy. Our mistake of taking a service lift made this man feel the happiest guy for that movement and he just couldn’t stop giving us flying kisses.

That Sunday evening dinner with my team members will always be memorable. At times I feel getting drunk is good- helps one forget worries, speak your heart out & just be yourself.

Learnt never keep your cellphone away from yourself, as it would lead you to not reading a important message & might just hurt someone. Why does it happen that you wish for someone be close to you and when its all happening we tend to run away. Well I was just not OK of my such wishes coming true.

At the MWC lunch time, all the Indians used to gather at the Maharaja restaurant & enjoy the look-like Indian food.
Valentine's day & decided to take up the Ramblas street. Love was in air that evening. Heart shaped balloons, flowers, lovers kissing on the street & music all around, that evening was really special. For the first time I felt like this night should never get over.

I was returning back to my hotel & here I heard someone shouting not my name (as the face reader predicted) but saying “Indian girl”.

We are so used to see queues at bus stand & railways stations in India, but after 6 pm at the MWC as the day end we used to wait in a big queue for the taxis. I used to freely walk out of the MWC campus, but had to struggle to get in again, as I used to forget my ID proof each time. I was a popular face for the security people.

Olympic beach was a treat to watch during the evening times. Best place for me in the entire city.
The experience of wearing Indian dress (salwar kameez) was interesting. You walk on the street and all will look at you as you are an alien. At the MWC I was requested for a photograph, and when I told them about my camera phoniness, it just sounded like a story for them. I was the colorful girl of the day where everyone one had black, white, brown formals on. I am so proud of being an Indian.

Ready to Eat was the only solution that was left, after the international Spanish food which I was totally done with. This madness of Indian food made me & my friend walk on the street in our night-suite to get into hotel cafeteria as we didn’t wanted to cross our team sitting in the bar that evening.

It was time to say goodbye to the beach city, but has it ever happened to you’ll that something caught your eyes & you forgot the whole world around looking at it. I left the city with a secret prayer.

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