Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why do I dance?

I remember when I was 8 yrs old my dad dreamt of making me a successful classical dancer.

He got me admitted to Bharatanatyam dance classes, which were during the evening time. To be very frank I hated dancing and found it funny. So here comes my big confession, I used to bunk my dance classes and play cricket with my apartment guys. Teacher went up complaining to my parents and that was when my dad’s dream broke into pieces.

I used to fail to understand why I was always pulled up in the school dance competitions by my teachers, just so that they give me good marks I used to join the dance rehearsals and perform. This went on and finally the day came: We were doing the candle dance, and my partners candle slight burnt my hand and I screamed out loud. The dance teacher without any knowledge hit me on my back hard via a wooden stick. I shouted back and threw my candles and stepped out of the rehearsal stage. That was an official goodbye to dance.

College days and parties invitations, hmmm
Friends B’day parties and they all loved music and dance. As usual I was standing out of the dance floor; all of sudden the D’j announced the best dancer gets a mobile phone… (this was 2002 where mobile phone were a luxury). Me and my friends (gr8 dancers) decided to win it at any cost. I got motivated and there was Bhavis making a comeback in dancing.
I don’t know how but I just remember that my name was announced as a winner. Gosh that evening was a turning point of my life. So now… I am happy…. I dance
I am upset…. I dance
I am angry…. I dance
I am tired…. I dance
I am crying… I still dance

I dance because I can express my feelings only though dance…

I don’t dance for a show
I don’t dance in parties
I don’t dance to win
I don’t dance to impress
I don’t dance to showoff

I dance only for myself; because I get to know myself better through dance.
(A room in my flat has got dedicated as the dance floor)


mashhood said...

I dance for me, myself...that it...

Jeeva said...

:) :) :)

sachin said...

Very nice post.. Sounded like a small bollywood story.. ;-) Nice sentences in the end..