Sunday, March 13, 2011

Experiment: iPad a learning tool to special kids

SAP Labs tied up with Spastics Society for a social cause, the cause was to spread computer education to the mentally challenged and to kids with learning disabilities.

It was an initative by the SAP to bring in some difference in the society by conducting various computer workshops. As iPad brought in the revolution in the education domain, they wanted to experiment in a workshop where the volunteers train the parents of these special gifted kids to use it as a tool for educating them.

iPad was introduced in the simplest form:
It a device which has within it the Sound+CPU+Display+mouce+keyboard packaged into one slimmest electronic gadget”.

Proud of participating as a volunteer and all thanks to my iPad for making be eligible for getting into this workshop inspite of being a non-SAP employee.
We had the following apps for the workshop categories in the respective category:
Learning: Dot to Dot Number Whiz, ABC , Kids Match, FirstWords sampler
Communicate: TapToTalk , BDayBragbook, Photo Animals
Fun: Virtuoso Piano, Eensy Harp ,Talking Tom

I was there to educate the kids and their parents on and about iPad, but the fact is, in those 5 hours I learnt many lessons of life:

Parent’s said: Life is not the same for all. It takes time to realize the fact that God had blessed us with a special child and gain courage to give the best life to our kid. We are proud of them for whatever they do with their disabilities. Every day is full of challenges and life gets more exciting when we face them and see our kid making all things possible and breaking his own boundaries and surprises us with his achievements and learning’s.

A mother of a one such kid said “I cry every day but with the happiness that god choose me to be the mother of such a kid, because he knew I can make a difference. I thank my son for bringing in the purpose for my living.

Teachers: We provide intervention services to kids with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities and Learning Disabilities. Every kid is so different and highly talented. It’s a challenge to understand them but we grow everyday with them.

Kids: These lovely innocent kids couldn’t talk to me but yes they communicated with me via their hand movements, eye contact and hugs.
Mayank’s eyes said, “I want to learn more as much as I can. Can do everything like you’ll. I have less time and want to say hello to the whole world
Vishnu’s hand said, “Thanks for being my friend, be with me forever
Sonu’s voice said, “I am the dude and I know what I wish to have at the age of 21
Smrithi’s hug said, “I loved learning and playing with the iPad, Thank you!

These kids are so cute and innocent, “Living life as it comes, with no complaints to God, always smiling, bestowing faith on all and enjoying every movement without the fear of future

"The best things in life are free; I realized that it is in giving that you receive. I realize that I have gained 10 times more than what I have contributed. "
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Fracek said...

Wow! You mean iPad like Apple iPad?
What about the Android?
I love the idea, I saw how kids react to touch interface, amazing :)

Bhavya said...

Yes, android is still very complex for kids :(

fracek said...

I would say: Android is still very complex. (dot) And that's the clue. Just give an iPad/iPod/iPhone to the kids (or any human) and watch. No manual, no explanations, it just works from the first touch ;)