Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nokia + Microsoft look promising

Everyone has a say on this, so let me take this opportunity to blog on why I have a positive view towards the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft.
As Nokia announced Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) to be its “primary” smartphone operating system moving forward; many felt betrayed, while I was seeing some positive sides here:

Positive key points out of this engagement:
* Microsoft back in game, positioned as “third mobile ecosystem” challenger to Apple’s iOS and Android
* Nokia handset fans will be looking forward for the first Nokia WP7
* Developers have once more option, to look out innovation and also earn money (get some free phones)
* With good Nokia hardware and Microsoft supporting the device with good enterprise capabilities with amazing UX, for-sure can win the minds and hearts of those Billion users with lower price featured phones
* Learning from the mistakes and weakness of Apple and Google they for sure have a long game to play in the Mobile Wireless market.
* Nokia will be targeting various price tiers with its WP7 range (not just the high-end) as it goes after mass market high volumes. A potential to significantly disrupt the current smartphone ecosystem.
* RIM under pressure as a “fourth” mobile ecosystem, while Intel must
* Merger of services assets, a good strategic fit as each firm has strengths in different areas; notably Nokia in mapping and Microsoft in search and advertising.
* Consumers the King; More competition, more innovation, more business opportunity, more devices and more fun in learning and sharing.

My Message:
“Agreed that Android 3.0 is flooding the market and hers coming the iPad 2 killer, with some bad history I still think that this partnership built on huge risk will have something big to offer to the Consumers & developers if they play the game smartly and quickly”.

Few things that they need to do is:
• Build up the infrastructure for the develop community to come and build good applications
• Get on with forming a partnership community asking partners to contribute to the platform and drive innovation quickly
• Get the Nokia WinMob7 featured phone ASAP in to the market
• Evangelize and make people aware about the platform architected
• Openness is the key here with perfect blend of security control and freedom for anyone who wants to contribute to the platform for making it better and best.
• Indentify the market where they want to make a difference and rule.
• Believing in the policy “Your success is mine”.
• Build smart phones which my Grandma can use with ease.

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