Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dubai Bash - Photo Blog

There is so much written and said about traveling to Dubai. What more can I say?
Maybe how I felt or what all I saw?
So I have decided to cover this travel journey via photo blog – the pictures I clicked as I was exploring this land.

So I was traveling with my lovely family – Dad, Mom & baby sister. This was planned to celebrate my birthday in Dubai. Sounds so fancy right? Our family is ;)

Here I am looking at my flight from the HK airport – All I was doing was being thankful to God, because I was almost in the verge of missing my flight. ..but I made it!
We took our metro passes on 20th Jan & decided to explore the city. Few bullet points to describe Dubai:
  • Sky raised buildings
  • People from all over the world – Truly International
  • Lots of good-looking people
  • Expensive cars
  • Rich People
We entered the Desert - Sand Boarding and the ride was something I can’t forget… now I don’t want to ride on the roads anymore ;)
My parents were more daring than me when it came to camel riding…yes you can laugh at me.
 Some amazing performance – belly dancing, fireman, dancing horse show
Hina Tatoo  & BBQ Dinner
Burj Al Arab I am coming. The sea was so clean and blue I didn’t feel like leaving that place.
Atlant Hotel – Nothing great just a hotel on a man made island. Well I know it’s a dream for most.. but how about a house on a palm island.
Burj Khalifa – My heart was beating fast as we were going on the 126th Floor. And when we reached the view was mesmerising
Look whose posing?
We drove to Abu Dhabi and visited Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed. I wore a burqa to enter & I loved the entire experience & felt so peaceful.
Dubai has to be magical. U know why? Because this land is not a desert any more. It rained when we visited the Miracle garden.
The only place on this earth where we can talk about golden carpets
Global Village where u can taste & buy anything from any country you want.
Spice Souk Dubai – Each Day has a color, a smell
You want to feel the culture of Dubai – take a Dubai creek boat ride. 
If you want to experience more of the culture – try hunting & tasting camel milk & meat.

Last not the least – I was totally distracted and in a way really amused to see how the local people dress up in Dubai.
It was time to say goodbye to Dubai. We always have a build up perception about a particular place or people ..what I can say is travel so that you know how it will challenge and break all our perceptions.
Dubai inspired me in a way that makes me believe that one must not wait for things to happen.. make things happen. Create your own beautiful life & take full control of it. You can achieve any heights, Dream Big!


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