Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dear 2016!

Dear 2016,
I welcomed you with a great bang along with the people I loved the most in my life. I didn’t expect much & I really don’t remember asking you anything or wishing anything very specific. Because, I was happy then and didn’t want to change anything.

You got me to china and threw so many challenges at me. But they never looked like a challenge, because I was strong, because this was the choice I made consciously and I till date never regret.

You gave me the best family, friends & career, I could ever ask for. You also gave me uncertainties that I was dealing with. You gave me love, but you caged me in it. You said live with it or set yourself free.

You took me to so many new places and most of the time the hotels became my house.  I forgot the definition of home, but you kept me safe everywhere I went.

You gave me new friends who will be part of my life forever.  Made me realized how beautiful I am and vulnerable.  Gave me a peaceful job that I never had in my past 9 years. I felt like I was living.

You got me tears when I saw my loving world that I created falling all apart. The dreams I had were not going to be real. You got me the courage to get out of the struggle in search of a new faith & experience.

You taught me that life is going to be uncertain and I have to be ready for it. You saw me falling badly, but you also assured I had people to pull be back to a happy land.

If I look back I wanna say thanks for all the experiences, thanks for the memories, thanks for keeping me alive & giving me a hope that no matter what at the end it's going to be ok.

You know I lost, but you found a new hope for me
You know I lost faith, but you helped me believe in goodness
You know I was away from my home, but you gave me a new paradise
You know I was missing my friends, you gave me new best ones
You know I cried, but you also made me laugh
You know it was not easy, but you made me stronger
You know I lost love, but you found it again for me

You made me realize that I need to get better with every passing day… and in 2017 I will do everything that will keep me happy.

If sky is the limit, I have achieved it. This is a reminder to myself for 2017 that whatever I will aim I can achieve it. So I won't stop dreaming big

2017, I already know that you are going to be awesome and that I will be truly happy. 
Happy New Year!



Seetha R Chimakurthi said...

All the best. We will be losing most loved in life, but we will be given with opportunities to get better. Sorrows are for us to make ourselves ready to handle better things.

Bhavya said...

So true :)