Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Aero India 2013

I had no clue what so ever that I would get an opportunity to visit 9th International Exhibition on Aerospace, Defense & Civil Aviation which was held in Bangalore between Feb 6-10
 Great thanks to my dear friend Raghu who got Business passes for us :) 
Absolutely had no expectations while walking kilometers under the hot sun of the Yelahanka Air Force Station. Visiting from stand to stand at the Aeroshow-Exhibition hall, I was getting to learn so many things & was getting family to this new world of missiles, fighter crafts etc.
One of the principal lessons of this Aeroshow is perhaps that India is now a major world power, forcing major foreign armament suppliers to line up to offer their latest gadgets which could make a difference in case of a conflict with China (or even Pakistan); and now, the Air Force would be used.
I was left breathless & with open mouth with the Incredible acrobatic Flying Bulls of the Czech Republic, led by a 50 year-plus female pilot; the indigenous Sarang helicopter team flying colourfully painted HAL Dhruv choppers and of, course, the Rafale of Dassault Aviation.
It was a brilliant day, now I have a new respect for fighter pilots & Indian Air Force.

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