Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Love is knowing just what to do when someone in your heart is struggling to recapture their usual spark. Sometimes it is sitting quietly beside them, or taking them out and helping them think other things for a while, or simply giving them space for a few hours to work things out. Love is knowing exactly how and when to show compassion, even when you feel like someone is being a bit silly about something. When you open your heart and arms instead of your mouth and simply be there for the ones you love - these are the times that bring a closeness and unity that no hurt can ever touch.

But you can know for certain you have found your one when, faced with the big problems, you pull together and deal with the issues together. All those funny little things about that person you love, even the little annoying things that you secretly hate to love, but love anyway. Loving someone is having the courage to step outside of our comfort zone and have a go at something we may never have dared before.

Those we love will hurt us, and you will at times hurt those that love you.

#unConditionalLove is when u don't have any reason for loving the person
#unConditionalLove is when u smile in difficult situations
#unConditionalLove is doing things without any expectations
#unConditionalLove is accepting
#unConditionalLove is just unconditional

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