Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breaking the Ice

We’re not that different, you and I.

It’s just that I speak a lot, and you prefer to listen.

You dream a lot, I’m a bit realistic.

I laugh openly, and all you do is smile.

I cry sometimes, and you hold back your tears.

You express your doubts, and I hold back my fears.

But we love each other, and thus we are alike.

In some matters though, I have to say you’re wrong,

You complain that I don’t love you,

Just ‘cause I don’t say it out loud.

You say that I don’t care for you,

Just ‘cause I haven’t cried by your side.

You claim that I’m never happy for you,

Just ‘cause I’ve never laughed when you have.

I want to confront you; I want to tell you,

I do love, I do care,

And I’m always happy when you are.

But that would involve speaking my heart out,

Something I’ve never been very good at.

What if you think I’m rude?

What if you think I’m self-centered?

What if I lose you forever?

I shudder to think of that possibility,

And I quiet down, saying nothing.

It is then that I realize, that even I’m flawed.

'Cause with you, I still haven’t learnt how to break the ice...

~~Guest Post

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